1. New Life Image - UltrasoundWhat is an elective 4D ultrasound?

    This elective ultrasound provides a unique bonding opportunity for the expectant mother and her family and friends. These ultrasounds do not require an order from your physician, and they cannot substitute for a diagnostic study.

  2. How far along should I be before I elect to have a 4D ultrasound?

    If you plan on only having one ultrasound, we recommend making the appointment between the 26th and 33rd week of pregnancy. However, if gender determination is something you would like to know earlier, you can schedule around the 20th week.

  3. Can you always tell the gender of the baby?

    We are able to determine the baby's gender to a very high degree of certainty. Depending on your baby's gestational age, we are able to accurately determine the gender. If we are not able to tell with certainty at your first visit, you will be invited to re-schedule, at no additional cost, for a quick peek at a more favorable time.

  4. Will I always get the perfect picture of my baby?

    Many factors affect the quality of the images (fetal position, amniotic fluid, and amount of maternal tissue). We promise to make every effort to obtain the best images possible. If the baby remains uncooperative throughout your session, it may be necessary to repeat the scan at a later time. We want you to be happy, and we encourage you to share any concerns with us prior to leaving your session.

  5. How many guests can I bring?

    Seating is limited. However, you can bring as many as you like for standing room.

  6. Do I need a full bladder?

    No, We prefer that you be comfortable for your session. However, it is a good idea to be well hydrated. We recommend wearing comfortable two-piece clothing.

  7. Does my insurance cover these ultrasounds?

    As it is an elective service, it is NOT COVERED by any insurance.

Any other questions please call at (772) 216 5445.

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